About T4C


The idea behind Talent4Comp is to build a bridge between young people and the job market, two systems that, in dialogue, can contribute to the development of the appropriate set of skills and expertise in line with the progress taking place in the antitrust field, policy assessment and regulation.

The initiative creates opportunities for discussions, meetings and recruiting sessions for those who want to pursue a career in the field and acquire new skills and, at the same time, provides valid support to companies, law firms, competition authorities and international bodies in the selection of candidates that meet their needs.


Talent4Comp is a feature of the Lear Competition Festival (LCF) that aims at fostering the interaction between young talents and organizations in the field of competition law and economics, policy assessment and regulation.

Concrete recruitment services are offered through an innovative platform and the recruiting sessions of the LCF, which aims at broadening job matching opportunities in the field. Talent4Comp is indeed much more than an online tool. Once the online matching is done, students or graduates and organizations have the opportunity to meet and get to know each other in person on the occasion of the recruiting sessions that will take place during the LCF.


By combining the benefits of the current digital age and those of face-to-face meetings, joining the Talent4Comp is a unique opportunity if:

  • You are a student or a graduate interested in a career in the field of competition and wishing to access different job opportunities and choosing the best suited one to your academic background and professional aspirations;
  • You are an organization looking for a unique recruiting event in the antitrust field, where you can easily connect and interact with young talents, selecting the best fit for your organization.


If you are a student or graduate you can learn more about the advantages, partners and registration process here. There is no deadline for registration. However, please do consider that job opportunities and interview sessions are limited. The sooner you register, the greater your chances of being selected and scheduling an interview will be!

If you are a company working in the field of competition law and economics, policy assessment and regulation, and interested in benefiting from this unique recruiting event, you can learn more on the benefits, partnership packages and registration process here.