1. Introduction

These Regulations define the Terms and General Conditions that govern the use of the Talent4Comp (T4C) Platform (hereinafter referred to as “Platform”) and specifically the services and information contained therein and made available to each registered user.

Use of the service offered through the Platform is only available if the user fully complies with these Regulations, and the relevant laws.

LEAR reserves the right to update these Regulations and to bring the amendments to the attention of users directly on the Platform, through an acknowledgement notice as soon as they access the Platform. In this case, users are required to click on the checkbox before continuing to use the Platform.

Each user must periodically check the conditions of these Regulations for any updates. The user will be considered to be aware of and to accept all amendments to the Regulations published on the Platform.

2. The Platform

The purpose of the Platform is to foster the interaction between young talents and organizations in the field of competition law and economics, policy assessment and regulation. The T4C Platform speeds up the coming together of applications and offers of internships and jobs, and the organization of interviews to be held in occasion of the Lear Competition Festival.

3. Principles

The General Principle of the T4C Platform are as follows:

  1. Equal treatment and non-discrimination: the Platform guarantees equal treatment for people, whatever their nationality, gender, race, religion or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, political beliefs, age and any physical disabilities.
  2. Transparency and accessibility: all contents uploaded by the users will be published on the Platform, however the Administrator of the Platform (hereinafter referred to as “Administrator”) reserves the right to delete the information it considers inappropriate. The Platform is structured in a format that is presentable, operable and understandable to all users.
  3. Accountability: all users are personally responsible for the accuracy of the information published by them on the Platform.
  4. Fairness: LEAR ensures a level playing field to all users, by applying the same rules, standards and criteria in similar situations to all users

4. Users

Users of the Platform are:

  1. university students or recent graduates who wish to look at or apply for internships or entry level jobs (hereinafter referred as “T4C Talents”);
  2. law firms, international financing institutions, public institutions and any private company wishing to advertise internships or entry level jobs (hereinafter referred to as the “T4C Partners”);
  3. LEAR administrations, who deal with both T4C Talents and Partners.

5. Password and user ID

The user ID is the email address used to register on the Platform for both T4C Talents and T4C Partners.

T4C Partner: the login credentials  are created by the Administrator and then communicated to the Partner. Each T4C Partner has a single account that can be used to perform all the envisaged activities on the Platform (e.g. publish job offers, view candidates CVs, etc.). In this context, the T4C Partner has the responsibility to appoint a person in charge of managing the Platform.

The user ID and password which are provided to T4C Partner to access the Platform are strictly personal and belong to the person on behalf of whose T4C Partner they are issued at the time of the request for registration on the Platform. The  user shall protect and safeguard them carefully and shall undertake not to make them available to third parties.

If the appointed person leaves the organization, it is the responsibility of the T4C Partner to change the password in order to prevent him/her from accessing the Platform. The Partner may ask the Administrator to change the User ID (i.e. email address) in addition to the password.

T4C Talent: Registration can be carried out only after indicating a valid Eventbrite Order Number (i.e. reference number obtained when registering for the Lear Competition Festival or T4C).

The T4C Talents define their password at the time of registering on  the  T4C Platform. ID is the email used during the registration.

The T4C Talents are responsible for the safeguarding and confidentiality of their password, and the proper use of the account. They must not use the account, user ID or password of another user and must not permit others to use theirs. For any improper use of the password, the Administrator may permanently suspend their use of the Platform.

Deletion of the account can be done by selecting the delete button located at the bottom of your profile page.

Please note that this process will delete all the data registered on the platform, including the applications that you may have already sent. This is true even if an acceptance or refusal response has already been sent by the partner and received by the talent.

Note that the deletion process on the T4C platform does not affect the data that the partners have already received. If you wish to delete the data collected by the partner you will need to contact the administrator at

Forgotten password

In the event of loss of the password, T4C Partners or T4C Talents can recover it in the section “Reset password”. For any further issues, users can contact the assistance through the dedicated webpage of the platform.

6. Information on the processing of personal data

In order to access the Platform, new users must authorize handling of their personal information by clicking on "I accept  " when they register on the Registration page. Issue of acknowledgment to information handling is a requirement for registration on the Platform.  

LEAR shall not be liable for any damage incurred by users or third parties as a result of unlawful or improper use of access information (user ID or password) for the Platform.

For further information about the data processing please refer also to the privacy policy published on the Platform.

7. T4C Partner Users

Registration on the Platform

The Registration on the Platform takes places after the finalization of a collaboration agreement with LEAR in the form of a sponsorship or partnership contract. The Administrator provides the credentials to the T4C Partner’s user.

Use of the Platform

Use of the Platform is permitted only in compliance with the General Conditions for use set out in these Regulations and the Terms and Conditions of the Partnership Contract.

The T4C Partner (the person appointed in charge of managing the Platform) is responsible for the accuracy of the information published by them on the Platform.

The Administrator has no obligation to check the accuracy of the data entered or the offers of employment or internship advertised on the Platform, but carries out checks randomly, and in the event of reports of inappropriate use of the Platform, or of unlawful conduct.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of conduct that is prohibited by LEAR’s policy in the use of the Platform because it is considered inappropriate, offensive, unlawful, damaging to the individual or the rights of third parties:

  • placement of offers or employment or internship where the description does not correspond with the actual position;

  • placement of offers that breach equal opportunity principles;

  • conduct that constitutes incitement to discrimination, intolerance, hatred or violence;

  • use of information for the purposes of commercial activity or activity for direct or indirect promotion of products and services, advertising or pyramid schemes;

  • advertisement or placement of brands, distinctive signs, proprietary formats, or those that are subject to the exclusive rights of third parties;

  • breach of these General Conditions.

The T4C Partner acknowledges and agrees that the Administrator may, at its discretion, deactivate the T4C Partner’s password and account, cancel its use of the services, or refuse to validate a new user, if the Administrator identifies improper conduct.

The T4C Partner acknowledges and agrees that any suspension or interruption to access to the services as a result of conduct prohibited by these General Conditions can occur without notice, and acknowledges and agrees that the Administrator, at its discretion, may deactivate or delete the user’s account and all associated information and files in that account or refuse any further access to those file or services.

8. T4C Talents

Use of the Platform

T4C Talents are responsible for what is put on the Platform.

The Administrator has no obligation to check the accuracy of the data entered on the Platform, but carries out checks randomly, and in the event of reports of inappropriate use of the Platform, or of unlawful conduct on the part of users.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of conduct that is prohibited by LEAR policy in use of the Platform by T4C Talents, because considered as inappropriate, offensive, unlawful, or damaging to the individual or the rights of third parties:

  • access by persons other than the password holder;

  • attempts to impersonate other users (i.e. identity theft or fraud);

  • uploading CVs or confidential information about third parties;

  • provision of false declarations.

Users are encouraged to notify the Administrator in case of any anomalies on the Platform.

9. Breaches and Release

LEAR will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage that may arise from information provided or from any errors or inaccuracies of the content published on the Platform by users, who are solely responsible for the correct use of the Platform and the content published/uploaded by them there.

In no circumstances will LEAR be liable for damages to IT systems arising from connection to the Platform or from links to other websites, even if there are IT viruses or other causes attributable to or associated with use of the Internet.

Users shall hold harmless and indemnify LEAR from any direct or indirect damage, any claim made by third parties for breach of intellectual property rights or any other right on the part of the user arising from use of the Platform.

The Administrator reserves the right to suspend use or the user’s account in case of any inappropriate, offensive, unlawful behaviour as well as in case of any behaviour that goes against the Platform’s principles, as outlined under Clause 3.

IT security

Breaching or attempting to breach the security of the Platform is prohibited. Breaching means accessing data not intended for the user, sending emails that are unwanted or otherwise not authorized by the Platform, testing the vulnerability of the system, or authentication, without authorization, or any form of attack on the system. Such actions are criminally actionable, and LEAR will cooperate with the relevant authorities in the pursuit of those responsible for any breaches.

10. Applicable law and Jurisdiction

This Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Italian Law.

Any dispute arising under this Contract shall be resolved in the Court of Rome, Italy.